LED ball hubble-hubble lamp ( HA002A)

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60 pearl 5 straw hats 3W E27/E26/B22 LED ball bulb light LED bulb - HA002A
Specification content:
The name of product: Ball hubble-hubble lamp series
Item Model: HA-002A
Exchange the input voltage: 180~240V/AC 50-60Hz 90~130V/AC 50-60Hz
Exchange the input current: 30mA MAX
Exchange the consumed power: 3.2-4W/H
Direct-flow input voltage: 185V/DC
Direct-flow input current: 17mA/DC constant current
Light-emitting component: The high light LED die set with high capacity and efficiency, it is 1 altogether and combine 60 bunches
LED colour temperature: 3000K-3500K dim 5500K-6000k is exactly white Red Green Blue Yellow Purple
The lamps and lanterns luminous flux: 216-300 lumen ( Exactly white) 200-270 lumen ( Warm and white)
The life of product: >30,000 hours
The same luminance light source: 35W ordinary white roast meat light 15W ordinary electricity-saving lamp
Waterproof grade: Please use indoors
Use the ambient temperature: -From 30 to 45
Exterior size: 12cm*6.7cm
The lamps and lanterns total weight: 60g.

The description of products:
1,LED to adopt ultra the intersection of low power consumption and device that direct current drive, antidetonation, shock-resistant, there is no heat radiation, safe and steady, reliable and not needing to consider dispelling the heat in light source, long life; The lamp is small and exquisite, it is simple and convenient to install; The style is modish, the craft is superior, products seriation.
2,Energy-conserving environmental protection, the products do not produce waste, can all retrieve.

LED corn light and weaves the advantage of the light to the ordinary electricity-saving lamp in vain:
The energy-efficient is in case of the same luminance, LED electricity-saving lamp only consumes a degree of electricity in 1000 hours, the ordinary incandescent lamp consumes a degree of electricity in 17 hours, the ordinary electricity-saving lamp consumes a degree of electricity in 100 hours.
Using theory life-span for reachable more than as many as ten thousand hours of ultra macrobiotic life LED super electricity-saving lamp, the life time of ordinary incandescent lamp is more than 1000 hours.
Do not include ultraviolet ray and infrared rays in light health and light, nonradiative, pollution-free. Ordinary energy saving lamp tube and white heat light line contain ultraviolet ray and infrared rays.
Green environment protective mercurialized and lead,etc. harmful to element, benefit from, retrieve and utilize, and will not produce electromagnetic disturbance, contain mercury and lead,etc. and is harmful to the element in the ordinary modulator tube, the electronic ballast in the electricity-saving lamp will produce electromagnetic disturbance.
Protecting eyesight adopts the direct current power supply to drive, non-stroboscopic, the ordinary light is exchanged and driven, it is disadvantageous to eyes for a long time on producing stroboscopically.
Only with high efficiency to generate heat small, 90% electric energy turns into the visible light, the ordinary incandescent lamp only has 20% of the electric energy that turns into the visible light, it is a kind of maximal waste to definite resources that the electric energy of another 80% turns into heat energy.
The high required voltage of safety coefficient, electric current are minor, generate heat little, there is no potential safety hazard, it can be used for hazardous areas such as the lease,etc..

LED corn light used in extensively:
(1) The family lights, decorates, sitting room, bedroom, wall fitting, desk lamp, bathroom, balcony, kitchen, ceiling lamp, bar counter, courtyard, private garden, Landscape Lighting.
(2) School, hospital, factory, office, commercial building, office building, desk lamp used for bending over one's desk working, the corridor, stair are lighted.
(3) Municipal administration lights, bank, infrastructure, gymnasium, airport, cinema, industrial facility, public health.
(4) Hotel, hotel, hotel, commercial building, hostel, supermarket, cold drink, cake shop, delicatessen, bar, cafe, teahouse, entertainment, commercial place.
(5) Advertisement, convention and exhibition, performing, ornamental.
(6) The rural power shortage area, frugal peasants often use the incandescent lighting of 15-25W in the countryside, build the new countryside " LED electricity-saving lamp " The rural market potential is very enormous.

Type: HA002A
Specification: 12cm*6.7cm
Output: 3000
Trade mark: Hui ErLe
Shiny color: Warm and white, exactly white
Outer cover type: Milky white
Use: Room lighting
Shape: Spheroidicity
Light: White is colored
Lamp holder: E27
Input voltage: 85~265V

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