Full-color display screen inside and outside LED family

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Good the Supreme Being's Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen lies in the west township of Baoan of new and high technology of Shenzhen of China, it is the speciality that develops, produces, sells LED display screen, boards, manufacturers of the display screen of container body of unit of a internal and external units. Technological development talent and advanced fabrication facilities that the good emperor's company has first-class, implement rigorous quality control in an all-round way, board of every unit, container bodies, display screens striving to make become masterpieces. Various internal and external video display screen system, display screen system of picture and text, production line display screen,etc. system that produced developed, technology reaches the domestic like product advanced stage. The good emperor's company inherits" consumers first, the quality first " Idea,with "high-quality,excellent service " Strategic principles crane one's neck to look into the distance LED display screen market. The good emperor's company expects to continue offering OEM, ODM service for various circles of society, form the cooperative partner of the cause, create tomorrow beautiful!
Product introduction
Board of unit, rejecting the body in LED indoor SMD full-color display system; LED outdoor double-colored display screen, unicolor, full-color display system, die set, container body, reject the body; Indoor, the whole color screen, special-shaped to reject outside all kinds of
Absolute superior products: The indoor LED display screen, outdoor LED display screen, unicolor LED display screen, double-colored LED display screen, full-color LED display screen, full-color large screen indoor and outdoor LED; LED unit stiff, outdoor unit container body; LED display screen control system, software development.
The gymnasiums and stadiums reveal the information of match, competition picture recording, advertisement; Places of entertainment such as bar, dance hall,etc., the broadcasting studio;
Airport, railway station, quay guidance system, advertising system reject;
Outdoor advertising;
Multimedia system of revealing;
The square cluster in the city reveals;
The road traffic reveals, guides the display screen;
Company, revealing K line tendency picture; Other fields.
Company's management theory
We insist " to keep improving, the satisfactory service " Quality policy,is it automatic to is it world-class to adopt fabrication facilities, it assemble high-quality managerial talents outstanding, implement ISO9001: 2000 quality management systems, guarantee every product, every process get effective control.

Boarder color: Black
Use: The indoor, the open air, vehicle carried, half the open air
The chip color of the modulator tube: Red, yellow, blue, green
The function of the display screen: Characters, the video, the picture, the cartoon
Authorize: ISO


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