Aluminum alloy flash-light (LX-8028A)

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Type: LX-8028A
The speciality of our company researches and develops, produces various LED flash-lights, there are more than 200 kinds of products now. The following is a parameter of a up-market highlight flashlight, for your company's reference.
The concrete requirement substantially as having to the appearance of the products, function, the research and development department of our company can draw a design to confirm first.

[Outer cover ]: Chose the first-class aviation magnalium 6061 - T6 material, was processed by the delicate CNC computer digital controlled lathe, anodising.
[Length ]: 165mm;
[Header diameter ]: 42mm;
[Postlude diameter ]: 29.5mm
[Battery type ]: 1*18650 charges the lithium cell
[Capacity ]: 2200mAh
[Voltage ]: 3.7V
[It is long while lighting ]: 4-5H
[Number of times of the charging ]: 500 times
[Luminous flux ]: 165-200Lumen
[Lens ]: The whole tempered glass lens
[Weight ]: 182g (not wrap up the battery)
[Reflecting light cup ]: Aluminum alloy reflecting light cup
[It is enclosed that waterproof ]: Waterproof circle of silica gel
[LED type ]: CREE Q3
[LED color ]: Bai Guang
[Colour temperature ]: 7000-8000
[Function ]: 5 shelves of switch functions: The highlight - middle light is - pale - alert to flash - explode and flash
[Waterproof grade ]: IP65
[Middle part switch ]: Lead double charging ' Go to directly, train fill)

Pack: Packaging of colorful box
Type: LX-8028A
Output: 10000 sets per month
Trade mark: LX
Outer cover material: Aluminum alloy
Use: The open air
Switch: Soft to touch the switch
Power: Rechargeable battery
Battery type: Lithium cell

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