Full-color die set of the display screen

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The full-color die set of display screen of trinity surface mounted of P7.62 indoor: Unless unless capsulate parameter, SMD3528, mould component debating rate, unless 32*16, last 1R1G1B picture element,the 17222nd such as density such as picture element /square, the size 244*122MM of die set, white equilibrium brightness is greater than equalling 1500CD / square, level / vertical angle of view, 120 degrees, 1/8 of the constant current of driving means. Working ambient temperature - 20 60, change frame rate> 60HZ/S, break the intersection of frequency and 180- 2000HZ, the best apparent distance> 7M, synchronization control. Life time 10W hour.

Type: P7.62
Specification: 244*122
Trade mark: Prosperous and strong and rich
Boarder color: Black
Use: Indoor
The chip color of the modulator tube: Full-color
The function of the display screen: Video

TAG:P762 is prosperous and strong and rich

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