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LED plant light a new plant growth mends the light modulation, test through employing, the wavelength of the light of the plant is very suitable for the growth of the plant, bloom, as a result. The plant growth light is to lead in the world and adopt the semi-conductive lighting principle, is used particularly in the high microtechnic products of flowers and vegetables production.

The general indoor grows the plants and flowers, it is worse and worse to always raise, the major cause lacks photically and is illuminated, illuminate through the required spectral LED lamp of suitable plant, not merely can promote its growth, and can also lengthen florescence, improve the quality of the flower. And apply such high-efficient light source system to agricultural production of facility such as the greenhouse, greenhouse, it is not enough to cause the drawback that vegetables mouthfeel of greenhouse such as the tomato, cucumber drop to solve the sunshine on one hand, on the other hand can make the greenhouse eggplant fruit vegetables advance to going on the market around the Spring Festival in winter, thus reach the power cultivated against season.

Type: JUXN
Specification: (before nouns without special measure words of their own)
Output: 100000
Trade mark: JUXN


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