Colourful shot-light GU10 of RGB hold-in range memory

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High-power LED shot-light products attribute:
The name of product: GU10 5W RGB shot-light;
Type: QS-5W-GU10-RGB;
Light source type: High-power 5W LED;
LED quantity: One;
Power: 5W;
Electric current: 500mA
Luminous flux: Bai Guang 400LM, warm white light 3800LM, reddish shade 250LM, yellowish 250LM, green glow 380LM, blue light 100LM;
The size of the products: 50* 70mm;
Light color: Red yellow blue green white warm and white and RGB changes color ' Available)
Lamps and lanterns material: Aluminum alloy;
Working voltage: AC110V/AC220V is (available) ;
Shiny angle: 60 degrees;
Working ambient temperature: -From 25 to 65 ;
Protection grade: For indoor exclusively;
Operating life: 50000 hours;
Products key feature:
1,High-quality light source: Adopt special craft and encapsulated semi-conductive LED light source imported newly of technology, extra-high luminance;
2,Only with high efficiency: Spectrum nearly all concentrate on being can be seen optical efficiencied, there are no ultraviolet ray and infrared rays, so without heat and radiation, optical efficiency is reachable 80%-90%, but other lights are only 10%-20%;
3,The transparency to light is good: Adopt and has not drawn back and changed the transparent optical lens of inferior gram force, it illuminates the angle achievably (15 degrees - 90 degrees) ,Focus on the result and form and lean on the form all, its unique optical craft guarantees better transparency to light and relatively high light are well-illuminated;
4,Energy-conserving electric-saving: While guaranteeing luminance, compare above traditional incandescent lamp energy-conservation 80%;
5,Exceed long life: Use under the normal conditions, the life-span can be as long as 50000 hours, it is equivalent to 50 times of the traditional incandescent lamp, 5 to 10 times of the electricity-saving lamp;
6,Generate heat ultralowly: Solid cold light source, epoxy resin package, the calorific power is small;
7,The colour rendering is high: The color is reduced well, the vision is clear, it is undistorted to see objects;
8,Indefectible: The lamp adopts the aluminium material to make, it is magnificent to be enough for and enough for the feel;
9,The environmental protection of the health: It does not have the contaminated material that LED light source belongs to, non- mercurialized, lead, without ultraviolet ray, will not cause the injury to the human body.
10,Constant current is driven: Unique the intersection of segregation and constant current export driving circuit is too warm to protect, short circuit protection guarantee the intersection of great and operating efficiency and stable working condition its;
11,It is swift to start: Start, need, preheat, Millisecond to reach specified luminance, non-stroboscopic and noise of working promptly, and have fairly good switching characteristic, switching operation does not influence the life time.
High-power LED shot-light operating range:
Like traditional halogenic lamp cup, quartz lamp cup, are suitable for lighting and ornamental.
1,The shop shows indoor decorative illuminations such as the show window, built-in cupboard, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop,etc.;
2,Local illuminations such as the hotel, showing drawing room, bill-board, artistic drawing room, museum, office, meeting room, reading room, corridor, toilet,etc..
3,Atmospheres such as bar, disco, Karaoka disc, place of entertainment of recreation,etc. are lighted.
4,Illumination and decorating of places such as the jewel, gold jewellery and top-grade fashion showcase,etc..

Life-span: 5000h
Electric current type: AC


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