AIRLED-12 outdoor waterproof LED display screen

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Staging edition AIRLED-12 the open air is waterproof

Product information
Edition AirLED-12 highlighted waterproof display screen of the staging, adopt superbright SMD 3 - IN-1 light, IP65, dampproof water-proof performance and superstrong one with brilliance defend uv, resist and sulfurize ability. Adopt the new aluminium drain pan container body, guarantee the good heat-dissipating function. The light drives the container body unified to design, has reduced the thickness of the container body, has represented the unique glamour of AirLED serial light and thin container bodies again.

Typical application:

The outdoor stage is performed

Outdoor advertisement screen

Curtain wall on the surface of the BLDG


Main specification:

Picture element order the distance ' Millimetre) : 12.5mm

Picture element makes up: SMD 3-in-1

The definition of container body: 20 x 20

The size of container body: 500mm x 500mm x 82mm

The luminance of the products: Greater than or equal to 5, 000 Nits

Watch the angle: H: Greater than or equal to 160 degrees, V: Greater than or equal to 100 degrees

Break the frequency: 600-2,000 Hz

Protection grade: Former IP65 / back IP54

Staging edition AirLED-12 the open air is waterproof
Some interval (Millimetre )12.5mm
Definition (click /square meter) 6,400
Luminance (Nit )


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