High life-span 9WLED flush light

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High-power LED Ceiling light 9W

[Products attribute ]

1,Led Ceiling light adopts the high-quality aluminum alloy outer cover, sandblast / oxidize / lacquer and deal with and the passivation, not only elegant in appearance but also dispel the heat of good performance;

2,Energy-efficient, the transfer ratio of energy is high, save efficiency up to 50% per cent more than the traditional light source.

3,Green environment protective is pollution-free: Have red ultraviolet ray, produce radiation, have harmful substance is recoverable to reuse, non-stroboscopic, protect eyesight;

4,Safety coefficient is high: Antidetonation, non- fragile, the required voltage, electric current are minor, generate heat minorly, does not produce the potential safety hazard;

5,Installation is convenient, have long performance life, the maintenance charge is low;



The exhibition hall, the meeting room, the hotel, the cupboard

Home furnishing, the office, the accent lighting of ship and light boat

Surface or imbedding lighting


A: While installing this high-power LED Ceiling light, try hard to avoid the mine field, high-intensity magnetic field and high pressure region, want, install in kind place of ventilating in order to guarantee appropriate ambient temperature

B: Please use the power supply of constant current

C: Please guarantee constant current drive the power to match with the lighting lamp each other, positive and negative power fits with product line

D: Guarantee the correct interstar connection, damage the spare part and initiate the fire by avoiding shorting out

E: If the problem of breaking down of the products, please don't need personal private maintenance
Self-defining content
Warm suggestion:

Because market conditions fluctuate, the above-mentioned price support, produce, do in the test only, bring, please forgive while being inconvenient! ! !

Type: M-3005
Trade mark: Like guiding Sri Lankan
Colour temperature: Warm and smooth
Use: The commerce lights
Protection grade: IP54
Power: Direct current

TAG:M-3005, likes guiding Sri Lankan

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