Outdoor P12led electronic display screen of the station

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1.1 picture element and some structure charts
A: Structural representation

Structure declaration: Some of each picture elements adopt DIP346 LAMP luminotron of 1R1G1B
B: Professional analysis
Analyze the project Professional analysis content
Match colors, analyze for make it up to the optimal white balance result not to match colors, it is strict with LED luminous luminance to match colors, the proportion that of different color luminance among them to match colors is as R: G: B =3: 6: 1
1.2 picture element and some indexes
Color luminance index of the modulator tube (reference value, relate to lamp selection specifically)
R is (red) 1000-1100mcd wavelength: Serial 5nm between 625~630nm
G is (green) 1900-2100mcd wavelength: Serial 5nm between 525~530nm
B is (blue) 350

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