Fluorescent tube of body-response

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The name of product: LED body-response fluorescent tube
Working power: 15W
Await the opportune moment power: 3~6W (can be presumed)
LED quantity: 144PCS SMD
Light color: Exactly white / warm and white
Luminous flux: 1400-1600 lm
Power factor: >0.9
The distance of reaction: 1-10 meters
Fully loaded with operation time: 30~60 seconds (can presume)
Working voltage: AC 90-260 V
Outer cover material: Drawn aluminium PC
The size of the products: 1200 mm
LED body-response fluorescent tube use: The products are used in basement, garage, underground parking, airfield lighting, corridor, warehouse, mansion, supermarket, store, bank,etc. to need the place lighted for a long time per day.
LED body-response fluorescent tube is automatic and photometric: Can bright with come, choose to can await the opportune moment luminance (light the intersection of auto-induction and people or the intersection of bus and light completely come on, inducing light secretly according to ambient enviroment, man car return to a little on or put out state all according to time that set for leave. Because the underground garage will be a little lighted bright a little, will not seem full of trees gloomily and terrible. )Than above the modulator tube electric-saving 90% of 100% of the Normally on.
The whole auto-induction of fluorescent tube of LED body-response: The light is bright that the man car comes, the lamp moving of man car is put out, the inductive control after optimizing is designed, can realize people come the light is on, delay going out automatically, needn't go to close the switch again, carefree energy-conservation, it is worried whether no longer in order to forget to close the light, liberate oneself.
LED body-response fluorescent tube humanization designed: Installation is convenient, adopt more advanced object to move microwave and measure reaction technology, different from technology with common tradition such as sound control, touching, button, high sensitive, anti-interference, silent, response fast, from reaction to far characteristic. The intersection of itself and any type of radiation at the same time, device power consumption very much little, and non-contact type, the health that can be that the high limit ensures people, keep away from the germ and infect in surprise.
The intersection of LED and the intersection of body-response and the intersection of fluorescent tube and energy-conservation, longe-lived: Ultra low power consumption, overlengthy to await the opportune moment, not extremely highly sensitive, extra-high LED life-span of luminance as long as more than 50,000 hours, stop long to be open to support effectively, reach brownout, lengthen the purpose to support life-span.
The reasonable constructional design of fluorescent tube of LED body-response: All built-in radars are ingenious and hidden and fixed, the appearance has no screw.
LED body-response daylight lamp and temperature compensation: Peculiar temperature compensation chip, reduce the distance of LED reaction and is influenced by temperature. (The remarks: The reactor will be interfered with by the external magnetic field: The apparatus as mobile phone, computer,etc. transmit the wireless signal, please pay attention to to may influence the reaction work) .

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Pack: Neutral packing
Type: LZ-LR1046
Specification: 15W
Trade mark: RUCI
Shiny color: Exactly white
Outer cover type: Milky white
Use: Room lighting
Shape: Bar
Light: White is colored
Lamp holder: G13
Input voltage: 85~265V


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