LED ball bulb light LKX-LB-3

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LED ball hubble-hubble lamp 3W PC outer cover energy-efficient producer produces and sells directly to households
The applicable scope of products: Factory, such lighting places as the office, corridor, supermarket, square, restaurant, school, hospital, warehouse, hotel, smallpox, wardrobe, advertisement lamp box, home furnishing, stage are ornamental
LED products advantage and characteristic
1,Energy-efficient: 1/10 of less than ordinary bulb electric consumption of LED electricity-saving lamp electric consumption, the same luminance, the energy-conserving result is very obvious
2,Have long performance life: Ultra long life is more than 50 times of the traditional tungsten filament lamp. ;
3,Protect eyesight: The work of pure DC, have dispelled the stroboscopic visual fatigue that causes of the traditional light source;
4,Green environment protective: Pollution elements such as lead-free, mercury,etc., do not have any pollution to the environment;
5,Able to bear shaking: Without question of separating of traditional modulator tube, have no injury, nonradiative to the human body;
6,The safety is high: It is safe and reliable.

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