Refined to carve 4166 charging type LED flash-lights

Contact Details
Contacts: Mr. Chen ChuXiong Manager
Telephone: 86-663-2319093
Mobile Phone: 86-13729409568
Address: The intersection of Jieyang and the intersection of city and the intersection of Puning and city, Guangdong Province of China, take the bridge post industrial area of garrison post of Gansu Province

Brand: It is carved that refined
Type: 4166#
Color: "red, yellow and green"
Material: Plastics
Light source form: LED
LED number: 6
Power form: Charge
Working voltage: 4.3
Applicable scope: Light

The characteristic of the products:
1,Adopt the non-maintaining lead-acid battery of 900-1600mAH high capacity.
2,There is charging and voltage regulation of intellectual constant current, electric consumption is charged and is up to 300-500 or more times small, rotatable.
3,Adopt long life, extra-high luminance, energy-conservation, the low electrical consumption very much, the ultra long LED lamp of lighting hours.
4,At the sufficient electricity, but 24 continued discharge about hour.

Operation instructions:
1,Totally introduce the flash-light bottom plug while charging then inserts the plug in AC220V/ 50Hz convenience receptacle, charge the pilot lamp correspondingly only, the sufficient battery nearly takes 12 hours.
2,Need only exert oneself the light switch to push forward while using.

1,As very long illumination is finished, or should be charged in time when the serial lighting lamp is melanized in luminance, put the battery in the electroless state by chance.
2,Nearly take 12 hours at the sufficient cable, the longest charging duration can't exceed 24 hours.
3,While proposing this product is preserved for about three months, charge for about about 8 hours for once.
4,Otherwise will reduce the battery life-span.
5,While charging, make sure not to use this product,otherwise will burning off components and partses internal.
6,This product should be far away from flammable and explosive articles while charging.
7,Don't let this product be drenched with rain, be made moist!

Power: Rechargeable battery


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