LED projector lamp (HWW-2124)

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Application area:

Suitable for lighting places such as the BLDG, mark, sculpture, trees, park view,etc.. This lamps and lanterns can choose unicolor or RGB to be full-color, can illuminate the distance and reach 15-20 meters. But on line control of the computer and DMX are controlled, can realize synchronous jump transfer of seven colors, gradation zone, stroboscopic, the Normally on of unicolor, gradation of 256 grades adjusts luminance, the result of accusing of etc. of chasing flowing water, point. DMX512 large-scale lighting system that the related our company develops can realize photoelectric synchronization control once, control limit is reachable several kilometers, and can realize the remote control of the network.

The and function of the characteristic:

The outside control adopts and presses cast aluminium to shape wholly, the spraying treatment of anticorrosive place of surface, it is solidified, dispel the heat well that compact;

Light source adopt single drops of 1WLED, the luminance is high, the characteristic is steady;

But different beam angles of apolegamy, in order to meet different place demands;

Adopt the heat-dissipating chip architecture of the large-area, some dispel the heat, the increase of service life;

The silica gel of high strength is sealed, high temperature resistant tempered glass, adopt the screw to fasten, waterproof and reliable.

Coil out and adopt the rubbery line, can be applicable to various abominable work environment.

Item Model:




Nominal voltage:


Power rating:




Light source:

8 8 red green 8s of 24*1LEDs are blue

24 drops of reddish shade 1WLEDs

24 green glows 1WLEDs

The angle of velocity of light:


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