LED water drum

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Application area:
Stages such as the performing art centre, place of entertainment, large-scale theatrical evening scene, concert scene,etc. are specialized.
Function characteristic:
1,Color is abundant: By two color primarieses ' Red, green, blue) Board makes up the display element, every 256 grades grey level forms 16, 777, make the electronic screen realize that reveal high degree of saturation, high analyzed, reveal the high characters of the frequency;
2,The luminance is high: Adopt LED of the extra-high luminance, remote and still apparent;
3,Effectual: By gamma correction technology,picture clearly, lay of graphics is getting stronger;
4,Highly reliable: Adopt distributed scanning and modularization designing technique, reliability, stability are higher;
5,The diversification of display mode: Support many kinds of display modes;
6,Easy to operate: Adopt the playout software of the common video, make system operation very convenient.
7,Energy-conserving environmental protection is longe-lived.
8,Communication way: RS232, RS485, TCP/IP.
9,A screen series, displayable various characters, the symbol, the figure, the chart, the figure, the calendar, time, cartoon,etc. that inside presetted.

The function explains:
1)The video broadcasts the function:
a.Broadcast the camera, clear, flicker free entering in fact and revealing the video image, realize the on-the-spot broadcasting of different programs;
b.Broadcast the video recorder, CD player (VCD, DVD, LD) Wait for the video program, meet the active basic demand of the recreation and sports;
c.Can broadcast the file in many kinds of forms such as AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB;
d.Luminance, contrast degree, degree of saturation, chroma can be adjusted through software, the control band is 256 grades;
e.Overlap (VGA VIDE) , image (Video) , VGA three kinds of display modes;
f.There is Video image that compresses control function
g.Reveal synchronous functions
h.Adopt Line-Double function to be mixed with the picture and be changed into and mixed with the picture, carry on the motion compensation;
I.Voice signals of Luis first offer the power amplifier to use, leaves at least No. 2 to make a video recording in the input interface of video;
2)Information issue function:
a.Can reveal various computer information, figure, picture, two, three-dimensional animation,etc., have abundant broadcasting the way, reveal that rolls information, notice, slogans,etc., the information capacity of the stored data is great;
b.Have many kinds of Chinese script and word pattern at your choice, can also input a great deal of foreign languages such as English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese;
c.Broadcast system, have multimedia software is but flexible to input and broadcast many kinds of message; Can broadcast text information, some, rolling, introducing and drawing the mode, can shift up, move to left can roll to broadcast the form, news is rotatable to broadcast. The script, shop can choose arbitrarily, can set up and broadcast the speed, in addition many pieces of news can broadcast at the same time, or broadcast with the cartoon, picture at the same time.
d.Can reveal date, time showing or character string, expression;
e.Declaration used for state policies, regulation and service promise;
f.The broadcasting of Weather forecast;
g.Issue of other public information;
3)Network function:
Being furnished with the network interface can link with computer, broadcast network information at the same time, realize network control; Pass the common control of network to many screens of different places according to customer's request, can adopt " VPM broadband " Carry on remote control.

Type: P10
Output: 1000 per year
Trade mark: Send than
Use: Indoor
The chip color of the modulator tube: Full-color
The function of the display screen: Video
Authorize: CE

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