Ornamental specialized LED flush light of the commerce Top-grade led flush light

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The characteristic of the products: The shiny flush light of ultrathin front of the original creation, easy to install and transporting
The compacting by extrusion of the all-aluminium high density, increase aluminium of high density to dispel the heat at the same time, solve heat-dissipating difficult problem smallpox flush light series led to produce The luminous surface utilizes die set technology in a poor light while tasting, the lamplight effect is high, are only declined small
Adopt Japan to import high light transmittance and high diffusion barrier of degree, the light transmittance is up to more than 95% of the light output evenly
The outer cover is oxidized sandblast and deal with, the appearance is top-grade and hard-wearing
Employ the place: Used for fitting up and lighting extensively, the lighting lighting exhibition hall of retail shop of the amusement of architectual lighting is lighted etc..
Energy-conservation is calculated
7W substitutes 40W flush light, each one saves 33W power
Work for 16 hours per day, work for 365 days every year, annual operation time: 5840 hours
Save 192 degrees of electricity every year and reduce 168kg carbon dioxide to discharge
Reduce and replace the number of times: 8-10 times

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