Tsing-Hua University and LED modulator tube 18W

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Power: 8 10 12 14 16 18 20W

Size: 600 1200mm lamp holder: G13

The quality is protected: Three years

The characteristic of the products:
Energy-efficient, replace the ordinary fluorescent lamp, above 65% of energy-conservation

Does not need ballast and starter, easy-to-use, the life-span is 30000 hours, it is more than 5 times of the ordinary daylight lamp

The milky white PC cover of the high light transmittance, shiny and even, unblanketed dark space, there is no glare, non-stroboscopic

Extra-high luminance, the whole light result is up to 120lm/W, high colour rendering, Ra80

Power efficiency is up to 85%, it is steady to export, anti-interference, low-radiation, has possessed and pressed, excessive load, too warm

Every protection function

Wide-angle light distribution, 120 degrees of beam angles

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