Hong Kong CEM brand Infrared thermoscope DT-8862

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The characteristic of the products:

Distance and goal size are to 12: 1

The maximum reveals ,It is high /Call the police at low temperature

Basic accuracy ¡À 1%, repeated ¡À 0.5%

Fixed emissivity 0.95

And the automatic shut-down function after 7 seconds that ¡æ/ ¨H are convertible
Choose range automatically, the resolution ratio is 0.1 ¡æ
Range can the bee chirps and calls the police, briefs " OVER " on at the display screen at the overload
Sampling rate: About 150 milliseconds

Technical indicator:

Infrared to examine the warm appearance DT-8862 technical indicator (D:S=12:1)

Products parameter



-50 -6 50oC

Resolution ratio

0.1 ¡æ/¨H

Basic accuracy

¡À 1.0%


¡À 0.5%

Distance than


The emissivity is adjustable

0.100 -1.000 (step is long 0.001)

Corresponding time


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