Epson card shakes C-002RX Jingzhen quartz resonator brilliantly

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Address: New lake way 1A of main road of west township of Guangdong Province Shenzhen Baoan district of China
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[Epson's Jingzhen C-002RX specification is described ]

Quartz crystal oscillating C-002RX unit C-002RXC-004RC-005RCondition / Remarks
Nominal frequency rangef_nom32.768kHz
Storage temperatureT_stg-20 degree C to 70 degrees of CStore as bare product.
Operating temperatureT_use-10 degree C to 60 degrees of C
Level of driveDL1.0米 W Max.
Frequency tolerance (standard) F_tol㊣20 * 10-6 25Degree C, DL =0.1米 W
Turnover temperatureTi 25 degrees of C ㊣ 5 degrees of C
Parabolic coefficientB- 0.04 * 10-6/ Degree C2 Max.
Load capacitanceCL6pF to ﹢ Please specify
Motional resistance (ESR) R150 or 60k次 Max.
(30k次 Typ.) 50k次 Max.
(30k次 Typ.) 50k次 Max.
(37k次 Typ.)
Motional capacitanceC12.0fF2.0fF1.9fF Typ.
Shunt capacitanceC00.85pF0.85pF0.75pF Typ.
Frequency agingf_age㊣3 * 10-6 / Year Max. 25 degrees of C, First year

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