LED luminous board draws a design / produces in batches / tag is processed

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Our company specializes in the breadboard and draws a design fast, kind appears in 24-72 hours.

The breadboard produces single sided board, double sided board, multilayer board, copy the board, the steel mesh is made. Surface coating: Spraying tin The whole board gilds ' Melt goldly) Gold plating of plug Oxygen-proof

The relevant price is as follows:

24 hours 480 yuan plate making fee real board fee

36 hours 380 yuan plate making fee real board fee

48 hours 280 yuan plate making fee real board fee

72 hours 180 yuan plate making fee real board fee
Technical indicator / process capability:
1,Craft: (unleaded RoHS) Spraying tin (Leadfree) HAL, board more gold plating ' Melt goldly) Gold plating of plug Oxygen-proof
2,PCB number of layers 1-10
3,Process area Max board sixc lateral 62*120cm / double sided board 500*620mm in maximum
4,Board thickncss 0.6-2.5mm minimum line thickness Min track width 0.2mm minimum measured line spacing Min.space 0.15mm
5,Finished hole foot-path Min Diameter for PTH hole 0.3-6.4mm
6,Minimum pad diameter Min Diameter for pad or via 0.1mm
7,The thickness of copper foil of substrate: 1oz, 1.50z, 20z,
8,The products material has epoxy glass fiberboards FR4, LED heat-dissipating aluminum base circuit board,etc..
9,The guest supports the materials way: GERBER file, PROTEL file, PADS2000 file, CAD file, mould,etc.
10,Burn grade Flammability 94v-0

There are 5 production lines of tag besides in the company, relevant tag apparatus has JUKI2050 high-speed chip mounters, Panasonic MSR sticking to machine at a high speed, Panasonic MPAV2B chip sticking to machine, eight temperature region solder-reflow,etc.. The company still accepts LED tag business, light test free. Tag tag LED under the major plate 60CM 0603 0805 1206 1210 3014 3020 3528 3535 5050The 5630ing of and 5730
LED can tag in enormous quantities is welded
And the temperature of return current is limited to 155 degrees, had Pb-Sn paste craft to adopt at low temperature, unit price 0.012 yuans /order,more than the 1 millionth is getting more favourable to 0.01 yuans very /order, more offer FPCB lamp strip tag to draw a design as steel mesh tag at the same time.

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