LED ball bubble shot-light fluorescent lamp

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The name of product: The milk covers white light 3*1W high-power and sticks to one slice of LED electricity-saving lamps in vain
First, parameter explain:
1. This bulb is covered and manufactured by aluminium shell milk white PC of car, dispose 3 drops of 1W high-power LED;
2. Zero is only declined, the life-span is up to more than 50000 hours;
3. Working voltage: AC85-250V power: 3W;
4. It is long: 12CM. The diameter of bubble of ball: 6CM;
5. Give out light: White ' Colour temperature: 5000-7000);
Second, LED electricity-saving lamp, the luminescence that the ordinary fluoro manages the electricity-saving lamp contrasts with energy consumption incandescent lamp:
1. In contrast to incandescent lamp:
LED electricity-saving lamp of every watt is equivalent to the luminance of 10 watts of incandescent lamps;
2. In contrast to ordinary electricity-saving lamp:
LED light of every watt is equivalent to the luminance of 2 watts of ordinary electricity-saving lamps;
Third, the characteristic that differentiates other bulbs of LED electricity-saving lamp is:
1. It is not rotten to fall, even if the lamp shade or outer cover breaks, the performance and security that do not influence the bulb to give out light
Performance. Because the light source is LED, given out light the chip by the semiconductor and loaded with the resin;
2. LED bulb can be spent for more than 10 years ' More than 30000 hours) ,Bad can link
Repair, it is simple and with low costs to maintain, slightly understand the all right maintenance of the of the electron.
3.The electricity of super province: Because it is not like incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, glass tube electricity-saving lamp
The same, the light body light is in charge of sending and perming while working, this is because these lights change 90% of the electric energy
It will also cause the greenhouse effects to waste as heat energy, but LED light works and does not send
It is hot, LED light of high-power is only warm-heat evil too, the electric energy giving out light rate is above 80%. It is small
Usually 10A home ammeter does not probably rotate when the power LED light works, but can illuminate 10
One square meter of left and right rooms.
Fourth, lamp holder prove: Acquiescence delivers as E27 ordinary home spiral shell's mouth, this light has E27 lamp holders only.

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