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The electron fluorogenic board is a upgrading regeneration product of the traditional poster, can replace the traditional POP advertising panel, has already swept American-European Japan and Taiwanese now, the electron fluorogenic board is on the domestic blank of market at present, only a few producers carry on the export business. So the electron fluorogenic board is enormous potential on the domestic market, the growth momentum is extremely vigorous. Our company introduces Japan's advanced technology, adopt and reveal optics of the jade-like stone with good mere result to lead the grain side board, the color of light source is average, the electron fluorogenic board can be written at will with the lustrous and transparent mere chalk, the characters give out light, lucuriant in design, such as the result of the neon lamp! Can wipe writing arbitrarily! On this basis, improve independently through our company, it is lower that produce prices, quality is more excellent, suit price and taste of the domestic consumer market even more!
The electron fluorogenic board is led the grain side board to make by aluminium alloy frame and high-quality optics grade, can wipe writing arbitrarily in leading the grain side board with the colored fluorogenic water-color paintbrush! The electron fluorogenic board can demonstrate the brilliant beautiful result after energizing. The electron fluorogenic board has energy-conservation, environmental protection, gives out light well-balancedly, the duration advantage such as being long, and the electron fluorogenic board utilizes the fluorogenic pen developed specially through the body printing opacity of the board, can let the script send out the beautiful splendor, it is very apt to attract consumers, the content pattern can change to give somebody the feeling of finding everything fresh and new at any time, can attract customer's eyeball even more, goods which enable you making customers pay attention to in numerous similar goods at first, thus achieve the goal of promoting. The electron fluorogenic board new product goes on the market, advertise for sincerely vastly and join the agent! ! !
Recall the fluorogenic board characteristic of electron of the letter
1,It is stiff for electron to give out light, brilliant to attract, N kinds of a different one glimmer while being in a poor light, N plants different flashing speed, no matter the work that the capital can be ideal in the evening of daytime. The electron fluorogenic board collects the traditional blackboard, results such as white board, the neon of now,etc. are in one suit. The heads of rich all families, the one that avoided all families is short.
2,Electron fluorogenic board can use fluorogenic water-color paintbrush any, design picture and text of giving out light. Until most advertising signboards disposable at present, the electron fluorogenic board has very repeated numerous functions of use. Suitable handwritten such new propaganda way, handwritten forms are diversified, are embodied uniquly at will, build different atmosphere sedulously. Thus the style of better embodiment, enable your shop, out of the common forever, peculiar, conform to no conventional pattern
3,The fluorogenic board script of electron is clear, can draw any picture, it is clean and easy.
4,Give out light original device adopt enter the intersection of product and raw materials, continuous more than 50,000 hours such as light very.
5,Give out light stiff to adopt the intersection of 12V and the intersection of direct current and safe voltage supply power ' 12V switch power of the available liquid crystal display supplies power) ,Can be convenient to formulate the plug of any country.
6,Person who write adopt high the intersection of hardness and high transparent aviation material, use for a long time without blowing and spending, not fragile.
7,The appearance is novel, it is convenient to install (can install on the wall directly, save the space) .

Recall the applicable crowd of fluorogenic board of electron of the letter
Can be suitable for the show window and show, promote information showing, indoor show, hotel, coffee shop, bar, inn, supermarket, store,etc. use of occasion, and can be used in speciality printing, advertising card to use etc. You want to show up and shut, so long as the place where you want to attract the customer the electron fluorogenic boards will all do. Fluorogenic board uses the electron more at night, especially needs using many times, need to attract consumers, need to vary the style frequently, attract consumers' potential target: Signboards at night of different recreation entertainment industry of food and beverage, the instruction. Various advertisements of shop support. If you open entity's shop, can fully attract the customer's eyeball, bring the economic benefits at double to you, especially places of entertainment such as the bar, KTV,etc.; If put in home, can let your home furnishing environment full of limitless life, want what result have any results, the electron fluorogenic board gives you a fine mood; Still suitable for children, can fully stimulate their creativity and painting ability.
The main fact of market of electron fluorogenic board at present? ? Characteristic of the products
1.Other frame: The other frame that our company adopts is a frame outside the aluminium alloy which reaches the national standard, electroplate the craft, really make sure top-grade, durable, never result of the color of leg.
2.Light source: The light source that our company adopts is: Digital mould group LED, adopts the high-quality LED particle, makes sure: Unify all, unify the luminance, the result that will be never only declined, some trade companies adopt LED light source of some substandard products on the market now, luminance is not enough, using some days will present non- bright, the phenomenon of shading, some producers adopt the light source of one kilovolt of voltage, for instance even more: CCFL light is in charge of, this is the behavior not extremely responsible for the customer.
3.Panel: What our company adopted is that electron grade leads all glass, it is up to more than 99% to lead all result, it is high, clearer to accomplish the luminance, the result not out of shape.
The remarks: This panel must not use the plastic board in some aviation materials or Jacque's strength,etc., especially easy to be wiped the flower, will turn to be yellow after using for several times, corrupt, non- bright, etc, very dirty, especially influence result and company's reputation of the products.

4.Power: Adopt the common voltage 3.6V in the whole world, can be with the desk-top computer, USB such as the note-book, the electric treasure of light energy connect and charge.
5.The world initiates the ultralow 3.6v working voltage, saves the electricity, safer even more, the lowest working voltage in the industry that make sure.
6.Dispose 1000 milliamperes of lithium ion batteries, the products can be put at will, is not limited by position of power again.
7.Hang new the intersection of battery and box outside, on condition that have no power sustainable to cruise.
8.Highlighted and many frequently the flickering type has 36 kinds of special variety frequency, the customer can choose at will according to one's own hobby.
9.The flickering type has 36 kinds of super spectrum to make the frequency up frequently to dazzle the color more, the impact visually makes the customer perfect.
10.The luxurious aluminium alloy frame of the newly opened mould, Germany electroplates the craft and never fades, accomplish thinner, lighter, more esthetic and more exquisite than previous generation's product, thickness only 1.8CM.
11.Adopt the common USB power adapter of the whole world, the extensive commonability makes the customer more convenient.
12.Extend to 2 meters of more human-oriented USB cables, USB port that can charge electric apparatuses such as the treasure, notebook computer, desk-top computer,etc. with the solar energy is united and charged for the products.

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