DIY LED Lighting 3W MR16

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3W HIGH POWER LED MR16 which DIY LED Lighting company 設計製 made, basically offers the most effective high-power to light, can the intersection of 隨隨 and ground, 隨 what heart want LED and make a change the intersection of 變 and smooth the intersection of 顏 and color. It is new for concept in 這 ' DIY ' if you can't make on LED bubble, take more,讓 people can exhibition 現 buildings free,last new 結設計 s basic or last 設計 a various types of lighting 設 every.
Special 點
Room lighting 設, 適 is used in the family to use.
The lighting luminance looks 當 is in 20W white roast meat bubbles.
The looks saves 電 80% in white roast meat bubbles.
產 of quantity with lower looks is grown and cold degree, work of effective little empty 調 is born, the purpose of carbon that 達 can reach 節.
Totally have purple other 輻 to penetrate, it is healthy to hurt to people Ti.
LED direct-flow 趨 has 題 which is exchanged 閃 Le, it is tired not to cause 視覺.
鉛, water 銀 will not be sucked. Totally accord with RoHs Gui 範.
Use fire-retardant plastics and gold 設計, it is 經's long and durable 產 product.
點 is on to hit 開開關 immediately, totally have 點間.
LED or changes color of 變顏 to only need 雙's hands even more, complete D-I-Y.

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