RGB LED point source lamp

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LED Point Source Lamp(style01)
LED point source lamp style 01
Product overview: Hosing is made by die-casting aluminum,Compact and delicate,Applicable in different place.
Product name: Point source lamp 01
Model NO: KH-DGY150Y3L3-A1
specification: ¦µ 150*70
Ingress Protection: IP65
Working Voltage: DC12V
Power consumption: 3W-9W
Power Factor: Greater than or equal to 0.95
Color: red, green,blue,yellow,white, warm white,RGB, amber
Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Working Temp: -20 degrees C 65 degrees of C
Fixed mode: fixed by Screw directly
luminous surface: Globular shape with PC materials
Light source: Power LED,3pcs per lamp
Housing: High aluminum alloy die-casting base,Globular shape with PC materials
Chip origin: Cree of America or Taiwan
Waterproof Materials: Epoxy resin
Circuit board: aluminum base
Others: Silicone rubber sealant,Stainless Steal Screws,power wire of CCC etc.
Corollary Equipment: Control systemor power source
Application: Bridges,buildings,publicplaces outline or do pixel display.
Additional Info: The above details of lamps, including LED colors can be allocated according to Project

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