LED penetrates the light LED shot-light beauty spot lighting device LED shot-light

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Employ the place:
Suitable for the local illumination, flood lighting that place views such as the bridge, building, ancient building, gymnasium,etc. brighten
The properties of product:
*Simple and practical appearance design, polyester powder spraying treatment of surface, have impact-resistance, incorrosive advantage.
*Press cast aluminium lamp, the heat-dissipating constructional design of the high speed, can guarantee LED life time.
*The lamps and lanterns adopt double waterproof, dampproof design, seal ring to adopt and import the silicon rubber, the protection grade is IP65.
*Activity, adjustable clamp stand, it is convenient, swift and stabilizing to install.
Lamps and lanterns material:
*Drawn aluminium lamp, surface anodising
*Integrated lens of high-quality inferior gram force
*Aluminum alloy support
Technical parameter:
LED light source: Die of Taiwan (can make to order U.S.A. CREE too)
Single power: 1W
LED quantity: 3
Systematic power: 4W
LED color: Red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm and white
The angle of light beam: 15. , 30. , 45. , 60.
Input voltage: D C 12V /A C 220V 50-60H z
Driving means: 350mA constant current driven
Protection grade: IP65
Ambient temperature: -20 ¡æ- 45 ¡æ
Color result: Light-projecting of unicolor
Life time: 20000 hours
The lamps and lanterns net weight: 0.4kg