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MOST - have considerable scale electromagnetic and compatible (EMC) at present specially , safe (safety) , R TTE, RoHS measure the laboratory, measure the laboratory in order to rigorously enforce it according to ISO/IEC 17025, organize the third party of setting-up to measure the laboratory in GUIDE 25 and standardard management of EN45001 international laboratory. Have already obtained numerous worlds at present and authorized the approval of the organization, including Singapore (PSB) ,Mattress of fields lying fallow in rotation of Germany (TUV) ,U.S.A. (UL) ,Federal communication committee (FCC) of U.S.A. ,Canadian Ministry of Industry (IC) When. And with Shenzhen Administration of Auality and Technical Supervision, there is good cooperation in countries such as the commodity inspection bureau of Shenzhen, the match treasure of Guangzhou,etc. laboratory. . We have numerous outstanding and specialized test and authentication engineer, can offer for manufacturers and authorize applying, the standard is consulted, test, technical support, the countermeasure, " a station type " of authorizing etc. Serve.

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