Prevent the glare COB smallpox shot-light from being waterproof and drive the heat sink 7 watts of 7W of the blade ultraly and top-gradely deeply

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Address: Ancient the intersection of town and three street Cao gather two the 58th such as lane such as source
Zip: 528422
Type: SJ-THD-025
Color: The white of External Loop, endocyclic black, back rings and heat sinks are the black
Lamp bulb: Extremely highlighted big chip of COB integrated die
Power: 5 watts
Size: Diameter 105mm * is 80 high
Trepan: 95mm
Colour temperature: 3000K-3300K
Heat sink: Heat sink of the blade
Drive: It is driven that waterproof
This product is production of our company, it is to specially make and takes the place of the new style of engineering bright by Beijing! The intersection of product specification and first-class, adopt big the intersection of chip and the intersection of die and chip and dispel the heat fine the intersection of blade and heat sink make up lamp and heavy current, it able to bear uses to be ultra to drive, make up while being waterproof while being top-grade, it is our company that mainly pushes one of the products

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