The circuit board copies the computer moisture measure apparatus of the board

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Characteristic characteristic: The software supports WINDOWS desk-top system in an all-round way, adopt RS232 serial interface and observe and control the software dynamically, on-line with the epistasis computer, by computer operation and data processing. Can test 9 styles at the same time, formulate and import the precision balance, survey accuracy is high.
The position measures and adopts the contactless electronic beam switch, stable and reliable. Judge automatically whether there are samples.
Set up two kinds of determination procedures of fast, constant weight, microwave, infrared and making three kinds of stoving methods up. Special planning, make the microwave let out smaller.
Technical parameter:
Balance definition: 0.0001g
Working power: AC220V¡À 20V 50Hz
Microwave input power: Less than or equal to 1400w
Microwave output power: Less than or equal to 900w
Microwave frequency: 2450MHz
Infrared power: Less than or equal to 1200w
The balance weighs the range: Less than or equal to 310g
Balance definition: 0.001g/0.0001g
The precision that the moisture is determined: Superior to 0.4%
It is tested that samples are counted: 9
Sample weight: 8-14g (WBSC-3000 type is : 1g¡À 0.2g)
Operating temperature: 0-40 degrees
Relative temperature: Less than or equal to 85%
The sample is required: Graininess