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Specification parameter:
[LED lantern of name of product ]

[Item Model ] RG-DL0021
[Products brand ] shellfish is high
[Power of the products ] 3W
[Outer cover material ] pp
[¦µ 200mm of products external diameter ]
[Big red of surface profile ]
[Protection grade ] IP65
[Red of available color ]
[Working current ] 320mA¡À 20mA
[Red of products color ]
[Shiny angle ] is 120 ¡æ
[LED chip ]Die of Taiwan
[Flow 80-100Lm bright ]
[Wavelength ] 300-400mcd
[Working voltage ] 220V
[Life time ] is 50000 hours
[Price ] is 39 yuan
[Use ] is used mainly in the decorative illuminations of the monosomatous building, outer wall LED lantern of the historical buildings. The afforestation view LED lantern is decorated, the bill-board LED lantern is ornamental. Open, get married, the new home is completed auspiciously LED red lantern will be hung soon, Chinese celebrate the New Year in every household and hang LED lantern. Advertisement, convention and exhibition, performing, ornamental and using LED lantern.
[Pack ] the shellfish high lantern series LED adopts the company to unify packaging!
[After sale ] the shellfish high lantern series LED is unified the after service by the company! Quality duration of insurance one year