High-power LED 8080 white light modulation pearl 8080 reddish shade lamp bulb

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Contacts: Huang YiYu
Telephone: 86 0769-82616269
Mobile Phone: 8613751278699
Fax: 860769-82616259
Address: Dongguan market Lianhu third industrial area of Tangsha Town
Website: http://www.xigeled.com
Zip: 523711
Brand: Xige / one dose of types of silicon: Silicon Georgia 8080 Process and customize: Yes

Capsulate the form: Stick to the lamellar Bullion material: Bullion Chip brand: Silicon dose

Colloidal brand: Avenue Kang Ning Color: Exactly white Shape: Sheet

Colour temperature: 6000( K) Nominal voltage: 3( V) Rated current: 360-700( mA)

Single chip power: 0.5( W) The single chip luminance ¨R: 14-120( LM) Colour rendering index ¨R: 80( RA)

Applicable scope: Shot-light, flush light The quality protects time: 3

Whether offer the test report. Whether offer technical support. Whether authorize through ISO. Yes

Whether authorize through ROHS. It is the stock: It is a kind: Luminescent diode

TAG:LED shot-light