All automatic Sn paste printer, high-accuracy Sn paste printer

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High-accuracy Sn paste printer GSD-PM400A specification parameter of full automaticity
Project Specification parameter
Screen frame size Min Size 420X500mm
Max Size 737X737mm
Thickness 25~40mm
PCB minimum dimension 50X50mm
PCB maximum size 400X300mm
PCB thickness 0.2~6mm
Max.PCB diagonal line 1% of PCB warping amount
Convey the height 900¡À 40mm
Left deviation - right of direction of transfer; Right deviation - left; Left deviation - left; Right deviation - right
Transportation speed Max 1500mm/S is (programmable)
Alignment of PCB Support the way Magnetic thimble /but hand regulation jacking platform
Clamp the way in the unique crest to flatten, insert, the vacuum suction nozzle
Print the head Two independent motors are driven to print the head
Chasing speed 6~300mm/sec
Chasing pressure 0~10Kg/cm2
Angle of chasing 55 degrees (standard
The steel chasing standard of chasing type, the glue chasing
The steel mesh separates the speed 0.1~20mm/sec is (programmable)
Cleaning way Dry, wet, vacuumize ' Programmable)
Setting range of work bench X:¡À 5mm; Y:¡À 5mm; ¦È: ¡À is 2 degrees
Complete machine parameter Machine
Repeat the location accuracy ¡À 0.01mm
Printing precision ¡À 0.025mm
Print cycle Less than or equal to 7s (exclude from printing and washing)
Wire-changing time

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