Specialized motor truck scale of traffic department of 200 tons in Hunan

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Specialized motor truck scale of traffic department of 200 tons in Hunan

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Name: Electronic motor truck scale

Type: SCS

The electronic motor truck scale is classified: Walkie electronic motor truck scale, portable electronic car weighing apparatus, walkie electronic axle load appearance, electronic axle load balance, car detector, walkie ground platform scale

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SCS dynamic and inactive state axle load appearance adopts the axle metering method, is not limited and measures the static behavior to all kinds of lorries by the style, tonnage, the structure is unique, the floor space is small. Install in the computer management system of the highway toll gate, can control the overload warning to 30 kilo per hours of vehicles that speed goes. Hit it according to presuming and revealing and printing car weight, axletree, vehicle, date, amount of money,etc.. The products are applied to settlement and highway traffic control of trade of goods and materials such as the municipal works, building materials, storage transportation, mine, quay extensively. Basic construction is simple, totalizing is weighed dual-purposely not to park and weigh and the wheel axle parks.

Walkie motor truck scale parameter:

1.Zero balance:

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