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The first-selected prosperous walkie dynamic car of Zhejiang sea weighs the appearance to control the car and overrun and overload, wireless touch-sensitive screen, enforce the law easily, enforce the law justly!

Walkie car weigh appearance is wireless to weigh appearance while being walkie, overrun overladen detector, walkie to weigh appearance, road management department overrun detector is STW-18 walkie to weigh the appearance, the car weighs the appearance, overrun and measure the wagon balance, the vehicle weighs the appearance

Zhejiang the intersection of sea and prosperous walkie the intersection of static or dynamic and car it weighs appearances to be to adopt the intersection of trends and wink the intersection of sense and high strong type sensor, adopt the technology of wireless digital transmission to carry on the transmission over radio, guarantee machine format reliability, can totally defend analysing and explaining and defending remote control jamming-proofly. Used and repaid by the users for many years: The products are in the precision, stability, waterproofing, repeat in the comparison of the rate of accuracy, lead the numerous counterpart's enterprises of our country far away, become China sincerity managing, Trustworthy Quality unit.

The prosperous walkie car of STW-18 sea weighs the main technical parameter of the appearance:

Wireless to weigh appearance, overrun overladen detector, STW-18 car weigh appearance, road management department overrun detector

Light: This system adopts digitized weighing cell and integrated design of the weighting platform, make and claim the exterior size of Radix Scrophulariae has 700X500X25mm only; And use duralumin alloy steel technology and make each weight which weigh the board 20 kilograms, (domestic at present lightest) Make the products lighter, it is more apt to carry. Facilitate the law-enforcing work, lighten enforcer's labor intensity.

It is high to measure the precision: The products use Germany to import the high-accuracy sensor, it is reachable to measure the precision: Static

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