Wagon balance producer of the southeast of Guizhou Province Special recommendation Wagon balance of Rongjiang of 1-24 meters of wagon balances

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The wagon balance producer of the southeast of Guizhou Province especially recommends 1-24 meters of wagon balances, the wagon balance of Rongjiang

The digital electronic motor truck scale " , stainless steel electronic scales, wireless electronic scales, looking the electronic hoist straight, all weighers such as unexplosive electronic scale, motor truck scale, electronic platform scale, electronic forklift truck balance, electronic balance, electronic desk balance, weighing the module, weighing cell, instrument, it is the update products of the motor truck scale to welcome vastly and newly, as electron being technical and growing, " digital technique " Also come into and calculated and weighed the field, " digital electronic motor truck scale " Represent the most advanced engineering level of the electronic motor truck scale, it is with the advanced digital intellectual weighing cell and weighing the display instrument digitally, make the overall performance of the motor truck scale more excellent, the environmental adaptability is stronger, it is higher to weigh the intelligent intensity, thus has promoted the new and high technology quality of the electronic motor truck scale greatly and made the electronic motor truck scale go on the digitized road. The system environment of the whole motor truck scale has a good adaptability, can realize the all intelligent and unattended operation after strengthening and disposing, and calculated performance is superior, accuracy grade is high, long-term good stability, install and debug convenient maintenance. Used in the metallurgy, mine, machinery, chemical industry, port and highway goods in trade of standing etc. extensively.

Product introduction:

1.Frameless, low mesa, from the location of band limit, automatic reset function.
2. U-type for roof beam for structure,spend steel plate or plateform, be lasted special clamp group welding.

3.Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel facing, all rust steel, three kinds are available.

4.The surface of the carbon steel weighting platform is blown the sand, acrylic the baking lacquer to deal with.

5.The surface finish, wire drawing of the stainless steel weighting platform is dealt with.

6.Born the weight of the movable support leg by the patent protection, the requirements for ground are lower.

7.Mix four pieces of alloy steel or stainless steel weighing cell.

Leading particulars: 1. Anti-cheat ability is extremely strong;

2.Can diagnose which sensor breaks down by oneself;

3.Changing the sensor can avoid standardization;

4.The electric part has analog and digital two kinds disposition;

5.But apolegamy printer, large screen,etc.;

6.There is no foundation pit or there are two kinds of installation ways in foundation pits, do not have foundation pit way to recommend using;

7.Many kinds of unexplosive modes are available;

8.Offer OEM, ODM to make.

The main production and management of our company: Electronic scale, belt balance, electronic lifting hook balance, electronic wagon balance frequent customer come to choose!

The scientific and technological guide, people first that hawk's weighing apparatus are inherited ", pioneer and invent, serve the general public " Enterprise idea,last " customer first, first in quality first, sincerity, first " of efficiencies Business priniciples,with first-class quality, service, the first-class one prestige that is first-class, reciprocate the masses of customers.

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