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Ultrasonic thickness gauge TOUCHSTONE1 type: T1 brand: British Kallas place of production: An ultrasonic thickness gauge of British touchstone is that a characteristic examines the thick appearance first-classly and handheld. It is suitable for measuring the thickness of the following materials: Plastics. Glass. Copper. Casting iron. Aluminium and various steel products. 1 touchstone examine thick appearance, apply the intersection of products and quality control of production process to and measure surplus thickness of material corrode, extensively.

The simple measurement limit of adjustable thickness of ultrasonic speed of automatic shutdown function in a poor light of leather sheath of protective armature of easily operated of function: 1 to 199.9mm; Ambient temperature: -10 degrees C to 80 degrees of C; Battery life-span: Normal operation is 40 hours; Automatic shutdown: The precision after awaiting the opportune moment for 3 minutes: 0.1mm; Definition: 0.1mm size: 132mm x 82mm x 33mm; Display screen: 12.5mm thick, 3frac12 LCD; Weight: 250 grams. Application area Material manufacturing industry, vessel industry, ocean industry, chemical industry

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