American Dr. can 15-45x70 one yard of telescopes 111545 of multiple digital telescope agent of Shenzhen

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Picture element 5,100,000 picture element The pupil appears 1.1@15x/2.9@45x millimetre Interface of the tripod Yes
Liquid crystal screen 2.5 inches It is near and burnt 26ft Rotate between camera and telescope Synchronized conversion route
Magnification 15-45 times Weight 711 grams English specification Yes
Requirements 70mm(2.76" ) Diopter 11 Coating of lens Complete- Much membrane
Length 295 millimetres Visual field 40.5@15x/17.5@45xm@1000m SD card Maximum 4G

American doctor can be monocular a telescope of bore of 70 millimetres of digital telescope is together with the digital camera set of 5,100,000 picture element, add a liquid crystal screen oversize of 2.5 inches, let you catch and focus on and shoot objects accurately. 15-45 times of eyepieces of quick-change, can realize 22 multiple yards expand the result, any other digital telescopes are incomparable. The synchronized conversion route can let users change between camera and telescope. There is output function of images, can store the picture or image shot in the computer, SD card, maximum can expand 4G memory, let you enjoy the fun shot to the limit.
The telescopic characteristic of Bushnell number:
15-45 double eyepiece of quick-change ' 22 multiple yards are expanded)
Lens of 70 millimetres
Let users change between camera and telescope by the synchronized conversion route
Spread optical metallic-membrane plating of one layer more
The image is exported

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