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C in an instrument namely satisfiable steel and alloy material of ship steel analytical instrument of silicon steel, detection of element content such as S, Mn, P, Si, Cr, Ni, Mo, Cu, Ti, V, Al, W, Nb, Mg, rare earth total amount, Co, adopt the computer microcomputer controlled of brand, and allocated the electronic balance, all Chinese menu type operation, desk-top printer print result, detectable material as follows, low-alloy steel, medium alloy steel, high alloy steel, general carbon steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, gray iron, ductile iron, wear-resisting casting iron,etc..

The main technical parameter of the ship steel analytical instrument of silicon steel:

Measurement limit: (because this instrument detectable element is more, regard common elements such as C, S, Mn, P, Si, Cr, Ni in the steel,etc. as the example now) The following carbon: 0.02- 6.00%, sulphur: 0.003- 0.300%, manganese 0.10- 55.00%, silicon 0.10- 5.00%, phosphorus 0.005- 0.80%, chromium 0.01- 25.0%, molybdenum 0.101- 6.00%, magnesium 0.010- 0.100%, nickel 0.010- 30.0%, rare earth 0.01- 0.100%, such as changing the test condition, this range can be expanded correspondingly.

2.Analyze time: About two minutes

3.Analytic uncertainty: Accord with GB223.3- 5- 1988, GB223.68- 69-1997,etc. national standard

4.Analytical method: Carbon adopts gas volumetry, sulphur to adopt iodometry; Other multielements are adopted remotely-situatedly and dissolved kind, photoelectric colorimetry.

5.The curve of sampler: Multielement some memory stores 100 curves (can increase arbitrarily according to the needs of user) Adopt and return to the method and set up the curvilinear equation.

6.Input-output mode: The form derived in brand cybernation, data can be set up arbitrarily according to the requirement of the laboratory, printer output.

Leading particulars of the ship steel analytical instrument of silicon steel :

1. The computer microcomputer controlled of brand, print the result in all Chinese menu type operation, the desk-top printer.

2. Adopt the newest computer and one-chip computer technology program control and data processing. Can measure the mass fraction of many kinds of elements in the steel and nonferrous metals fast, accurately, automaticity is high, quantitative fluid filling is accurate and reliable, reagent amount wait for few characteristics, it improve analytic accuracy grade and precision,can direct display mass fraction and printing.

3. Adopt the technology of cold light source, import the light cell, zero and full scale of self correcting;

4. It is weighed kind that the electronic balance is on-line and non- quantitative, the computer reads in the weight automatically or types in manually availably, analyze and operate conveniently.

5. Systematic good stability, antijamming capability is strong, the analysis result is accurate, reliable.

6. Sulphur titrates fluid filling and adopts full automaticity, reduce the error rate;

7. Analysis results can be kept in a large amount for a long time, and can carry on the trace analysis of product quality.

8. Four major paths, there are 30 passage aisles (can store 30 working curves) respectively in each passway ,The curve of passway can also increase to count arbitrarily according to the needs of user;

9. It is convenient to change different wavelength cold light sources and preset potentiometer adjustment, expand and measure element kind and content range;

10. It is dissolved kind, easy to operate that remotely-situated, there are not valve and pipeline that wear out, the increase of service life.

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