20T electron get in touch electron of the balance get in touch the balance

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20T electron get in touch balance, electron get in touch the balance producer sell directly to households,

The electronic hoist has main function
It is with complete function to weigh
Many kinds of work patterns
It is convenient to peel
999 sums of data storage, lose electric protection
Swift to mark the function
Support the outside PQ31 wire printer
A serial port: RS232/485, connective computer / peripheral hardware such as the large screen
Hang the goods to weigh the ideal measuring instrument. Weigh the data through the transmission over radio, it is discrete to weigh body of balance and view data instrument. Weigh simple, accurately, reliably, the function is abundant, are loaded and unloaded online for user's goods under the hoisting apparatus, settle account and weigh in trade of shifting and the craft is measured and weighed and offered the perfect solution. The wireless electronic hoist is realized and weighed online, does not need extra weighing time, not taking up the square, a balance of very multi-site use, can realize and divide batch weighing once, save the cost for enterprises, raise the efficiency.

Electronic hoist
After balance body built-in A/D data acquisition and problem-board convert the weight signal that the sensor measures to the numerical information of the weight, send to the receiving instrument through the wireless sending apparatus, the instrument reveals the weight data after receiving and dealing with. The standardization data are on the body of balance: Can realize a table and more than balances or a balance of multilists, change the instrument and avoid standardization. Body of balance and two-way communication of instrument, can revise the communication frequency or close the body power appearance of the balance through the instrument. In addition, instrument joinable external printer, computer schedule ancillary equipment, realize functions such as data recording, storing, remote sensing,etc.. Support PQ30 wire printer.

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20T electron get in touch balance, electron get in touch the balance producer sell directly to households,

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