Shanghai shine China 2 electron hang claim shine China 15 tons of electrons hang and claim

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Shanghai shine China 2 electron hang, claim, shine China 15 tons of electrons, hang and claim

The electronic hoist uses and maintains
The electronic hoist is a precision measuring instrument, need to pay special attention to the following several points while using:
1.The rain-proof characteristic of the electronic hoist antivibration of our factory is good, but should avoid being shakes and is caught in the rain for a long time vigorously, need to pay attention to preventing the electronic hoist from falling down from hook particularly.
2.Must guard against overloading so as not to cause the sensor to be damaged.
3.Because the storage battery has self-discharge phenomena, even if the electronic hoist has not been used, also should charge storage battery regularly in case that the overdischarge damages the battery, generally charge once a month each time.
4.Should pay attention to checking the body machine component of the balance at ordinary times, prevent parts such as the screw, socket,etc. from becoming flexible, keep the intact state of body of balance.
Calibrate of the electronic hoist
The electronic hoist has already been normalized with the standard weight when being dispatched from the factory. Need the school again on time, can contact local metrological service, can also contact commission agent that our factory or our factory authorizes, users should not change by oneself.

The functional specification of the electronic hoist:
1.The ultra low energy consumption is designed, the consumption of the circuit board is less.
2.The high-capacity battery is disposed, the flight duration is longer.
3.Unique intelligence charges and protects the function, prevent the excessive load, overcharged phenomenon in an all-round way. Make the life time of the battery stronger, more lasting.
4.The ultra highlighted, low luminance reveals, regulates automatically ' Need to presume)
5.Starting up, voltage display of shut down automaticallying.
6.Good dynamic weighing characteristic, not because heavy object is rocked and influence weighs the result.
7.Mix the wireless report controller, it is convenient to operate.
8.Accumulative total, automatic totally peel, not remote to peeling, number value keep, reveal, divide scale value choose and arbitrary weight correct.
9.Overload, underload remind reveal and low-voltage call the police and battery capacity lower than call the police 10% hour.
10.Automatic shutdown function, stop to cause the battery to be damaged because of forgetting to shut down.
11.The intersection of shackle and surface go on, plate the chrome, deal with, bright and clean to prevent building the rust from.
Please choose your required tonnage while buying. Have 1 2 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 available to need, choose you required display mode also electronic hoist: Show the electronic hoist or wireless digital transmission electronic hoist directly. It is expicity at electronic hoist directly to be directly apparent, just wireless digital transmission, reveal that comes partly separately, and can print forms. In addition we are still some special trades, make to order and defend the magnetic, is able to bear the function electronic hoist such as being megathermal, the details are to the electric connection, please!

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Shanghai shine China 2 electron hang, claim, shine China 15 tons of electrons, hang and claim,

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Shanghai shine China 2 electron hang, claim, shine China 15 tons of electrons, hang and claim,

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