Control instrument LCD warm humidity controller of LCD humiture

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LCD humiture control instrument is used mainly in: Apparatuses such as the stepping into test chamber, high low-temperature alternation test chamber, constant temperature humidity chamber,etc..

*Realize high-precision ' 1/100 control) Production domesticization
*Conversational input parameter
*High-accuracy control function ( Point out the precision 0.1%)
*Reasonable price
*Many kinds of output function ( Kind 30 outputs, Timer function)
*Support dry wet bulb way and electronic moisture sensor at the same time
*Have function set up at will and monitored through PC
*The expansion equation parameter is input

Differentiation Kind Specification
Procedure Form group 10 groups
The form section is counted 100 sections / 100 at most for each group
Period of run time: It takes 99 hours and 59 minutes at most
PID number Temperature. The humidity is 6 groups respectively
The form is connected Each form group is joinable
Input Input signal

Test the range
Input the kind Range
Temperature Pt1100
1.000~5.000V (- 100.0~200.0 )
Humidity Pt1100
0.0~100.0 (0.0~100.0% RH)
Control accuracy Temperature: 0.1%ofFS --Humidity: 1%ofFS
Control cycle 500ms
Output Control and export 2 o'clock (temperature, the humidity)
Output kind Outcoming signal (SSR) : ON voltage =Above 15VDC, minimum Pulse width: 5ms
Convey the specification Convey and export 2 o'clock (temperature, the humidity) ---Output the form: PV,SP,MV
Outcoming signal 4~20mADC
Load resistance Maximum 600
The trouble is input Input the kind
(can presume the failure message name)
1.RUN/STOP ----------------2 DI2 (error information 2)
3 DI3 (error information 3) -----------4 DI4 (error information 4)
Enter mode The capacity of joint: Maximum 12VDC, 10mA
The joint exports The joint exports The maximum of joint is at 12 o'clock (Relay: At 8 o'clock, OpenCollector: 4 o'clock)
Festival capacity: Maximum 30VDC/1A, 250VAC/1A
Output kind
(amount to 30 o'clock)
1.Alarm: 4 o'clock (can presume alarm type) --
2 IS (internal joint) : 6 o'clock
3 TS (sequence joint) : 2 o'clock
4.Temperature Run: 1 o'clock
5.Humidity Run: 1 o'clock
6.Temperature Up: 1 o'clock
7.Temperature Down: 1 o'clock
8.Humidity Up: 1 o'clock
9.Humidity Down: 1 o'clock
10.Temperature Soak: 1 o'clock
11.Humidity Soak: 1 o'clock
12.Drain: 1 o'clock (can set for time)
13.Trouble: 1 o'clock (can set for time)
14.patternEnd: 1 o'clock (can set for time)
15.1stRef: 1 o'clock (can set for time)
16.2ndRef: 1 o'clock (can set for time)
17.ON/OFF: The temperature is at 4 o'clock, the humidity is at 1 o'clock (can set for time)
Power Power Nominal voltage: 100~250VAC ( 10%) ,50/60Hz,
Consume the electricity: Maximum 15W
Lithium cell Presume Data keeps and uses (at least 10 years)
Insulation resistance 500VDC20M
Withstand voltage 2000VAC/1 minute
Communication Class of traffic RS485 (Line 2) -The maximum 1.2Km of communication distance, joinable 31 at most,
Maximum 9600bps of communication speed

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