Board 1.52m electronic platform scale of the pattern of East China district

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Board 1.5*2m electronic platform scale of the pattern of East China district

The name of product: Stainless steel ground platform scale Stainless steel electronic wagon balance The stainless steel electron is called

Item Model: SCS-XC-B

Maximum capacity: 500kg, 1t, 2t, 3t, 4t, 5t, 6t, 10t, 15t is suitable for the chemical industry, food, waits for the trade.

Stainless steel platform scale adopt, become rusty steel material make, antisepticize, have long performance life dampproofly, wear-resistingly while being the whole electronically. So mostly apply to food trade. The stainless steel platform scale has very rigorous requirements, the remarkable metering characteristics, high corrosion resistance that include and making the ability of the continuous work in the moist environment; Also need convenient and clean and can adjust according to the customer's demand.

*The terminal box is built-in, elegant appearance;

*Adopt the section steel group welding of the U type cold bending, the body of balance is tall in intensity;

*Dull and stereotyped Seiko is welded;

: : The structure is fastened durably, the surface is blown the sand the baking lacquer is dealt with, it is rotten and strong to resist.

*The surface of the products pays and polishes polishing treatment, surface roughness Ra

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