There are one pound of car wagon balances on the earth of car wagon balance

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Car wagon balance, the earth pound, car wagon balance,

Electronic motor truck scale

SCS electronic motor truck scale is used for heavy-duty car's weighing, for instance weighing of apparatuses such as container car, sandstone earthwork car, vessel,etc., it is accurate and reliable to weigh

The electronic motor truck scale adopts the mentality of designing of modularization, generalization, canonicalization, seriation.

Electronic motor truck scale mainly by the intersection of bearing and platform, weigh display instrument, weighing cell, the intersection of foundation and 4 part, make up.

Modularization, canonicalization, unitized design

Adopt the constructional design of weighting platform of modularization wholly, the electronic motor truck scale is assembled and realized by 5 meters, 6, 7 meters of three kinds of length structural splice, can make up the electronic motor truck scale of many kinds of specifications in range of 7~24 meters.

Have not overlayed the panel constructional design: The surface of weighting platform is first sharp and a steel plate, does not open one's mouth no longer, shortcoming of solve the bolt corrosion of cover plate, not easy and disconnected completelying etc., this product has already applied for the national patent.

Bearing platform

Section steel is welded into a whole skeleton structure

It is even and rational to be forced

Difficult to produce the local deformation phenomenon

Standardized product parameter of the electronic motor truck scale

The force-transmitting structure of resetting automatically, adopt section steel of engineering to bind with steel plate, the characteristic is stable and reliable

Adopt intelligently and weigh the display instrument

Use the high-accuracy sensor

Weighting platform and base adopt the line of equipotential, resist and is struck by lightning

Digital display, keyboard presume / automatic the intersection of zero and tracing, numerical filtering, peeling automatically

Multiple to store the function, license number, tare weight to store, the goods are itemized totally, always store totally

Data report form exported and autotyped

The width 3/3.5m of weighting platform, length 7-21m

Have self test diagnostic feature of troubles.

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Car wagon balance, the earth pound, car wagon balance,