Spectrophotometer of the super broad photometric range

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Spectrophotometer The production of Shanghai, dual beam, the tape scans the function, the joinable computer, a pair of software, advanced characteristic, the price is favourable, the relative elevation of the sexual valence, please send a telegram here to offer to demand. It is very favourable that manufacturer's sale calls for bid and retails and sells directly to households and sells the agent UV1901PC dual beam ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometer price (1nm1 nanometer scanning type, computer type) ,Buy, the price, the solid sample is measured, dual beam Ultraviolet It is obvious Spectrophotometer ,Optic analytical instruments such as ultraviolet spectrophotometer, UV1900PC/UV1800PC/UV1700PC, ultraviolet photometer, gas chromatograph, the electronic analytical balance,etc..

Performance index:

Optical system Line 1200 blazed grating of dual beam

Photometric way Penetration Absorbance Energy Reflectance

Wavelength range 190 nm- 1100 nm

Spectral bandwidth 1nm/2nm

Miscellaneous astigmatism

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