10 tons of walkie wagon balances 3x9m of Hunan

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10 tons of walkie wagon balances 3x9m of Hunan

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Name: Electronic motor truck scale

Type: SCS

The electronic motor truck scale is classified: Walkie electronic motor truck scale, portable electronic motor truck scale, walkie axle load appearance, electronic axle load balance, car detector, walkie ground platform scale

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The product introduction of the walkie electronic motor truck scale:

1.Dynamic accuracy is 1%-3%, with weighing the speed relevantly (propose 5km/h)

2.The axle load 30T of maximum is minimum measure axle load 500kg high dynamic accuracy, the automatic speed is compensated.

3.The dot matrix display of the whole Chinese character, reveal intact vehicle information on the same screen.

4.Input and measure unit, personnel, license number, axial type.

5.Convenient intact license number including name of province and city of input.

6.Detection record of up to 1800 memorable cars.

7.Extremely simple operation, complete search and statistics function.

8.All-mains, the built-in battery can keep working for 48 hours, and can close automatically. Battery capacity of real-time display.

9.Can transmit the measured data to the computer at any time.

10.The pair of channel type is besides all functions of the single channel type, the left and right passway is debugged and measured respectively, the precision is better, it can be used for measuring the vehicle partially to load.

11.Have way have stable political situation the traffic police two kinds of work patterns in order to meet the corresponding regulation respectively

10 tons of walkie wagon balances 3x9m of Hunan

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