Tianjin AUX320 island of Japan imports the electronic balance original packagingly

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Product information: Load the quality sensor " Uni Bloc " of new generation Take the lead in adopting the aluminium integral quality sensor " Uni Bloc " Analytical balance. AUW-D/AUW/AUX/AUY series pursue three simple and convenient key elements of reliability, fast responsibility and use completely. Because equip " Uni Bloc " ,Realize surprising reliability, responsibility, use convenience. Leading particulars: Take the lead in adopting " Uni Bloc " in half a micro analytical balance Block influence of wind, adopt mechanical containment structure of assembly, inhibit the intersection of balance and rocking different to inhibit from to produce because of convection current of wind in the past from completely completely. Can use more steadily than the past even in the fume chamber. Install " PSC " inside If there is the influence sensitivity of room temperature changes for the whole automatic alignment function, the change of room temperature of the balance perception, begin to normalize automatically. Use, normalize function regularly, realize stable the intersection of degree of sensitivity and built-in " lead directly to Windows " Function binding only takes a cable. Do not need to install any software. The data can transport the utility program to Windows. Can also carry on gravity test. With the gravimetric utensil ' Choose one) Can use to form a complete set as densimeter. It is simple for door to load and unload, cleaning up, the intersection of switch and light smooth operation of door, make, weigh homework to be light and happy. It is simple and easy to clean to load and unload the door. And the door track is loaded and unloaded simply and conveniently and can be changed. -----------[Contact details ] -----------Ground of Co., Ltd. of instrument of precise department of Fuzhou Location: Fitting area Lianjiang No. 211 Middle Road refrigerates on the second floor of the building (upstairs of agricultural bank) market the Jin Dynasty in Fuzhou Tel.: 0591-83209635 faxes: 0591-83290354Q Q: 1523436390 postboxes: fzjk888@qq.com website: http://www.e7e8.cn Http://fzjk888.cn.alibaba.com/

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