WDW100 microcomputer controlled electronic formula universal tester

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WDW-100kN electronic formula universal tester (microcomputer controlled) Series, are used mainly in various metal, non metal and composite material to draw,
Compress, bend the test when the performance index of mechanics. Delicate automatic control and data collecting system, have realized data acquisition and control process
Full Digitalization is adjusted. In the tensile test, the maximum of measuring the material bears the weight of technical indicators such as pulling force, tensile strength, extension strain, elongation percentage,etc..
The above measures the parameter after the test finish, by the computer according to the condition automatic computation of test parameter that is set up while testing and begins, it is corresponding to reveal at the same time
Test result,last parameter after the test finished already each can inquire whether reveal, also the joinable printer carries on printout.

Leading particulars
Have the intersection of remote control and box, can realize beam fast / hoist or lower adjusting slowly, it is flexible and switching over to operate at will.
The function of returning to the home position after having the test, intelligence, high-efficient, swift.
Have limit protection function and over load, overcurrent protection function of arbitrary working position, reliable, safe.
Building strong test database, the testing data can be kept, the inquiry, call at any time
Can realize the force control of the permanent speed, permanent speed stress control, permanent speed control, strain control of permanent speed, permanent speed travel control out of shape,
Constant speed control of load, extending constant speed control, such many kinds of control modeses as cycle control and user are programmed by oneself of low week of constant speed control of displacement.
Transferring and reveal many kinds of assay curves: Stress- Meet an emergency in the curve, strength- Deformation curve, strength- Curve of displacement, strength- Force-time curve, changing
Shape - force-time curve, displacement - force-time curve, strength - emergency contours. The part of assay curve is enlarged, many curves are superposed and compares.
This apparatus is suitable for metal, adhesive, pipe, bar section, Aero-Space, petrochemical industry, waterproof coil stock, electrical wire and cable, textile,
Manufacturing industries such as the fiber, rubber, pottery, food, medical packaging, geotextile, membrane, timber, paper,etc. and product quality at all levels supervise
Superintend and direct the department, is still suitable for universities, colleges, junior colleges and special secondary schools' carrying on teaching and demonstrating the work at the same time.

Technical parameter
Host computer: 100kN door type framework; Gush out and mould the shell; Accurate ball screw assembly One
Control device: On-screen display of the computer
Actuating device: Yuan exchange the servomotor in the east of Taiwan; Rich American special reducer of Germany; Hold-in range
Remote control box: The convenient, swift control beam is moved
Sensor: Spoke type
Arresting device: The printing technology of silk screen is combined with photoelectric technology
Draw and enclose and have: The gate of the garden: 4-9 mm flat gate: 0-7mm (other specifications 9-14 mm 14-20 mm; 7-14 mm; 14-20mm;
Match / pay separately) 2 sets control oneself
Computer: Lenovo / 1G/160G/17 1 liquid crystal
Printer: HP2568 *A4 * ink jet Match / pay 1 set of fee separately
Compress the presser plate: 1 set of 100mm controls oneself
Crooked to enclose and have: Can transfer pressure head 10mm 0-300mm /apolegamy /pay 1 set of fees control oneself separately
Proprietary software: Proprietary software of the electronic universal tester 1 set controls oneself
Optical-electricity encoder: One
Electronic extensometer: YYU-10/50 mark from 50mm; Deformation amount 10mm apolegamy /last Beijing steel institute

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