LJB100 unexplosive telephone terminal box

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LJB100 unexplosive telephone terminal box, LJB50 telephone terminal box

Terminal box photo BHDT-3-0.06/127 (original LJB-3 type) Terminal box one of communication of serial unexplosive, it DH in colliery contains the gas to sum up the BHDT-3-0.06/127 series unexplosive terminal box, make the interstar connection of the telecommunication cable, electric installation for separating electric wire in hazardous areas such as the dust,etc.. Characteristic of having unexplosive, dustproof, dampproof etc.. This serial terminal boxes adopt the crimp way interstar connection, and is passing in and out the thread and having hold downs, make the business turn over cable difficult to loss. Every index of this serial terminal boxes accords with GB-3836 national standard. Two, main technical parameter 1. The cartridge adopts HT250 casting iron to cast and become 2. Adopt the clamp nut type or presser plate to introduce the device 3. Nominal voltage: 127V rated current: 60mA4. Insulation resistance: Insulation resistance


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