Electronic motor truck scale of normal formula of 180 tons in Sichuan

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Electronic motor truck scale of normal formula of 180 tons in Sichuan

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Name: Electronic motor truck scale

Type: SCS

Quantum: 10 tons - 200 tons

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Weighing cell:

The electronic motor truck scale generally adopts the resistance meeting an emergency weighing cell. The structure of this kind of weighing cell is comparatively simpler, riper too technically, apt to make, accuracy grade is high, good stability.

A.The length that the electronic motor truck scale looks at the weighting platform usually adopts the cantilever beam sensor or bridge sensor of 4-8 low appearances, adopt the whole parallel way to connect, because of adopting many weighing cells, the output impedence of each weighing cell, there must be differences in the degree of sensitivity, so the output of every weighing cell must be inconsistent, make it produce error not to weigh result, in order to solve this problem. Make outputs of each sensor receive the concerted output through device of the terminal box.

B.The terminal box is equivalent to a passive resistor network, it allocates an accurate adjustable resistance for every weighing cell, connect with the Ausgang of the weighing cell in parallel. When regulating a certain adjustable resistance of the terminal box, have changed the output impedence of this sensor in other words, the output impedence of each weighing cell that the electronic motor truck scale that makes in this way uses can be adjusted in one among a small circle, thus has met the instructions for use.

The preparation method of weighting platform explains:

Press the trough machine pressing trough, the slot type chamfers roundly, without rigid right angle of 90 degrees, connect into the triangular structure even more;

The U-type roof beam is adopted and smaller than 6mm steel plate cold-rolledly, the faceplate is Q235 international steel plate;

Machinery adds the workshop, processing is self-contained, the fittings are produced by oneself, make to order the special structure;

The automatic welding machine is welded fully, totally consume the oxygen within the U-type roof beam in the welding process;

The inert environment of shape of using department, thus avoid internal corrosion;

Seam welding adopts the submerged-arc welding of orbit, weld one step formed in the groove in the planking, the bubble-free is firm and esthetic;

The parts welds and adopts CO2 to protect and weld, all weld fully. There is no cold joint of point welding;

Guarantee the bond-linkage element intensity, there is no fatigue deformation in long term administration;

The sand blasting machine blows the sand and removes the oxide layer, guarantee paint adhesion;

The intersection of balance and mesa paint, lacquer, air-dry by twice, available to lacquer, the paint is colour-fast, adhesion is strong;

The bond-linkage elements all adopt galvanization to deal with;

Balance the intersection of body and basal plane keep the same with surface craft, sand blasting, antirust while being water, antirust priming paint while being water, twice of finishing paint;

Prevent mouse bitten from being designed on the structure;

The weighting platform is connected to adopt the plate structure for half a month overlapping, the automatic lock catch of the physical principle, adjusting;

On the sensor bond-linkage element ' Pressing plate, ball bowl) Weld with the body of balance firmly

The position of sensor is rational, in the lap-joint sensor is put;

Dispel, shoulder the intersection of pole and effect, guarantee, lean towards the sensor is forced evenly under the situation year;

At the time of routine test, carry on overladen test to the body concentrated load of the balance;

Guarantee every increase weighs 50t balance body angle out of shape and is smaller than 100% of 1mm springing back rate;

Weigh passing through many hands or places to press fully for 50,000 hours continuously, the body of balance does not have fatigue out of shape;

The weight 200t of world second should be to the standardization and examining live, maintenance in the factory at the same time;

Modular construction, field installation is simple fast, can be used after installation;

The regional verification of metrological service is 100% for a barrel of crossing rate

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Electronic motor truck scale of normal formula of 180 tons in Sichuan

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