The pitch flow indicator emulsifies the pitch flow indicator characteristic to measure steadily accurately

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The STF series pitch flow indicator adopts the new electric capacity strength inductive pick-off, there is no movable member, apply to the degree of viscosity high, apt to congeal and stop up, the velocity of flow is slow, contain the granular impurity, the occasions of unable adopting differential pressure type, volume type, current-type flowmeter. STF series the intersection of pitch and the intersection of flow indicator and most low measurable velocity of flow reach 0.08m/s is anticoagulatory to stop up, there is very fine adaptability in this kind of medium, special high-temperature structural sensor have temp drift to be young resisting, shaking ability to be strong measuring accuracy, characteristicking of reliable performance year.

[Flow indicator products principle ]
The STF series intelligence electronic target flow indicator is on the basis of traditional force sensor, strength induction type flow indicator of electric capacity of third generation developed with the development of new sensor, electron technology, have very high degree of sensitivity, accuracy grade, quantum range is wide.

When the medium flows in the meter tube, because its autogenous kinetic energy passes the choked flow one (target) The differential pressure sometimes produced, and there is a effort on choked flow one, the magnitude of its effort is proportional to the square of velocity of flow of medium, the way of its mathematics is expressed as follows:
F =CdA. V2/2
In the type: F - -Choked flow is a effort (kg) received
Cd - -Object drag coefficient
A - -Choked flow one, to the axial projected area (mm2) of meter tube
- -Lower medium density (kg/m3) of the working condition
v - -Mean velocity (m/s) in the meter tube of medium

Choked flow one (target) The effort F accepted, pass rigid-jointed transmission one (measuring staff) Reach the electric capacity force sensor, the electric capacity force sensor produces the image output of the voltage:
V =KF, therefore, signal of this voltage is after pre-amplifying, AD changing and computer processing, can receive the corresponding instant flowrate and accumulate the total amount.

STF serial intellectual flow indicators are by its peculiar anti-interference, resisting the impurity characteristic, metric flow measurement question that except that can substitute the regular flowrate, especially in high degree of viscosity, dirty dirty medium, easy to congeal apt stop up, high temperature, low temperature, strong to corrode, have very fine adaptability in the the intersection of flow measurement and difficult working condition.

The pipe diameter range is wide: 10 to loud 2000 ;
The temperature range is wide: -196~500 ;
Applicable many kinds of mediums: Gas, liquid ' Including the highly viscous liquid, crude oil, syrups) , steam;
Suitable for the low velocity of flow medium, its lowest velocity of flow of measurable quantity is 0.08m/s.

[Pitch flow indicator products parameter ]

Name of product Pitch flow indicator
Applicable medium Pitch, emulsifying the flow measurement of the pitch, modified pitch, high-temperature pitch
Pipe diameter (DN) DN15- DN300mm
Nominal pressure 0.6- 4MPa (point the nominal pressure of attachment flange, the operating pressure of the non- medium)
Temperature of working condition -20- 300 (please contact factory to need higher temperature)
Survey accuracy 1.5% FS
Quantum range 1:3 ( 0.2%) ,1: 5 ( 0.5%) ,1:10 ( 1.5%)
Shell material Carbon steel; Stainless steel;
Power supply mode Built-in 3.6VDC lithium cell (can be used for two years) ; Support 24VDC outside;
Outcoming signal 4- 20mA two-wire system; Pulse 0- 1000HZ; RS485
Protection grade IP65; IP67
Unexplosive sign Intrinsically safety type ExiallCT4; Explosion suppression type ExdllCT4
The list head reveals Accumulate the flowrate; Instant flowrate; Scale span percentage; Pressure of working condition; Temperature of working condition; Self test of the trouble
Connection mode Pipeline flange formula (DN15-300mm) ; Plug-in (DN100-N6000mm to bigger) .
Install the requirement But the level, erection; Before and after straight for pipeline 5D (D nominal size) before not should meeting behind 10D
Connect specially Whorl type; It is right to be clamp type; Online and knockdown; (need to connect specially please explain while ordering goods)

[Products characteristic of the flow indicator ]

Adopt the advanced capacitive force sensor of third generation, reliable performance, precision, high sensitivity;
It is corrupt to be able to bear dirtily, does not stop up, anti-vibration, electromagnetic disturbance, the ability to resist impurity is specially strong;
Without movable member, it is corrupt to be able to bear dirtily, integrative type intelligent display, it is simple and convenient and non-maintaining to install;
The pressure loss is little, it is only 1/2 of the standard aperture plate About P;
Applicable medium range is wide: Can measure the gas, liquid, steam flow under various temperature accurately, measurable two-phase flow;
Can choose the multi-type and antisepticize and able to bear the high low-temperature material (the alloy such as Kazakhstan, titanium,etc.) ;
The complete machine is too totally enclosed to have blind angle, without any leakage point, can be able to bear 42MPa high pressure;
The sensor does not keep in touch with the measured meidum, there are spare parts that are abraded, it is safe and reliable to use;
Many kinds of installation ways are chosen, it is simple to install, the expenses are low;
Have integrated temperature, pressure compensation, the quality of direct output or marking the side;
Available dwarf signal excises, non-linear revision, filtering time can be chosen;
It is accurate to measure, precision is achievable 0.2~1.5%;
Repeatability is good, it is generally 0.05- 0.08%, measurement is fast;
Set up the self-check program in the instrument, the failure phenomenon is very clear;
Many kinds of output forms, Yes various parameters of remote transmitting;
It is strong to resist the shaking, the measurable pulsating flow in a certain limit.

[Install attentive matters with pitch flow indicator ]

Do not allow to carry and install the valve, curved first class maximal part which changes the flow state of fluid in front and at the back of the pitch flow indicator meter tube directly, should try hard to guarantee the front and back straight tube segment lenght in front and at the back of the flow indicator while installing the valve, curved first class part on the pipeline if need, 10D, back 5D, as to the craft pipeline completed newly, should go on install the flow indicator after stripping tentatively first and then before the straight length requirement.
because the craft needs to adopt erection, it is the highest that the measured meidum can be left while flowing into, from having to leaving, but should explain to the supplier while ordering;
plug-in flow indicator install, weld, get pipeline must guarantee fluid face target piece force short pipe and flange, weld the height of the short pipe in 100mm ' Distance from inboard wall of pipeline to sealing surface of flange)
to the craft pipeline completed newly, should install the flow indicator after stripping tentatively first;
the arrowhead means the direction flows into the measured meidum on the meter tube outer wall;
the necessary reliable ground of flow indicator shell, except for it should explain to the manufacturer to earth the condition;

[Operational capacities ] produces 10,000 sets per year
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[Saling hot line ] 029-84211211, 13759878187

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