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First, a strain gauge characteristic:
1,Gather the passway in emergency of No. 8
2,The exit velocity of the test result: 5 in 50Hz other characteristics and WSM2-4- 23

Second, dispose:
1,WSM1-8 type does not have linear strain tester One
2,4 core strain rosettes shield the lunk 8
3,Strain gauge 10
4 in other dispositions and WSM2-4- 8

Jinan Sigma scientific and technological Co., Ltd., (strain gauge, residual stress tester) Telephone number: 0531-81216114,Company's website: http://www.residualstress.cn/; http://www.strainmeter.cn/

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Contacts: Lwww lady
Telephone: 86-0531-81216114
Mobile Phone: 13335160045
Zip: 250101
Address: Day of high and new technology industrial development zone of city of Jinan of Shandong, Jinan of Shandong

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