Xuan Cheng 300kg upper and lower limits' warning platform scale

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The electronic platform scale has autotracking of zero bit, zero setting, peel, weight, unit price, operation of amount of money, 8 kinds of unit price presume the totalizing of amount of money, total, overload, overbalanced to call the police, the dual-purpose, empty machine of alternating and direct current of the information prompt, power enters energy-conserving state, digital voltmeter self testing, automatic shutdown function under-voltage of low power consumption automatically to make mistakes. It weigh rapidly correct and characteristic stable and reliable multiple functional, can claim Radix Scrophulariae is separated or linked the integrative device display unit according to the needs of user. Adopt the stainless steel to burn-in the craft, the mesa adopts the carbon steel to gush out and mould, lacquer, aesthetic in appearance, economical and practical, apply to the workshop, the goods yard, the quay, the entrepot extensively, stream company,etc. is medium and small-scale to call the weighing of heavy object.

The function characteristic of the electronic platform scale:

It have it if you can't it is heavy count on unit, choose, last serious, totalizing, not tired and apparent, net /gross weight switching over, keyboard lock, animal balance,etc. function.

52mm large-scale LCD reveals, encloses the white LED in a poor light

One pound of platforms adopts Seiko to weld, sturdy and duable.

The angle of display unit can be regulated arbitrarily, it is convenient to operate

Adopt the high-accuracy sensor, high precision is 1/15,000 the most

Internal resolution 600,000

Adopt and charge / insert the electric way and supply power, charging once can await the opportune moment to use for 90 hours

Apolegamy RS-232 communication port, joinable computer or printer

Bluetooth function of the apolegamy

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